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More about Tantra

Tantra evolved in India during the spiritual enlightenment period thousands of years ago. Tantra in Sanskrit means technical and so focuses heavily on techniques.  Tantra has evolved in many different ways to harness and direct the energy flowing through the body to attain goals which may be spiritual, material or both.

Tantra allows even the uninitiated to make advances in gaining experience in kundalini and chakras in the body.  A tantric ritual is seen as an exchange of masculine and feminine energies referred to as ‘Shiva’ and ‘Shakti’ in tantric terms and the ritual seeks to achieve synergies of these energies.  Tantra also focuses on the Shiva and Shakti energies and the balance of those energies which is essential to the wellbeing and spiritual evolution.


Today many tantric practices have sprung up mainly focused around massage but those are largely sensual massages rather than tantric massages.


The true tantric ritual massage  is a holistic approach that allows energy to be focused to help the person's overall wellbeing.  As well as improving one's spiritual condition, it can also help in areas such as erectile dysfunction and emotional problems.




The tantric session covers many aspects - bathing ritual , breathing exercise  (to relax body and mind), the honouring of the body (very sensual tantric massage).  Tantra teaches you to be aware of the whole body with the goal to develop control rather than just to let go.


Ideally tantric sessions are not just one-off events but for better results one has to take regular sessions to progress towards greater contentment.

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Bathing Ritual


Anya’s therapy is designed to take you on this exciting journey.  Even if this is your first session, or you have experienced tantra previously, you are bound to see the difference.


Anya’s tantric therapy sessions are designed such that you are not hurried in any way and is customised based on your needs and your experience in tantra.


An unforgettable experience is just a phone call away ....

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